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Surgical Experience

The surgical technique (VERIA Technique) is minimally invasive and involves a single day hospitalization with no major complications. Veria technique is best suited across all population. It reduces the anaesthesia time and involves minimal bone drilling. Three weeks after surgery, processor is activated and the child begins to hear.

The ‘Veria technique’ for cochlear implantation is a non-mastoidectomy technique using the endaural approach for the cochleostomy and the trans-canal wall approach for the electrode. It is an effective tool to improve surgical results in cochlear implantations, because it provides certain advantages:

  1. It is simple.
  2. It is safe for the facial nerve.
  3. It produces minimal trauma and therefore (a) the healing is faster and (b) the postoperative complications are reduced.
  4. It is a suitable method for difficult cases because it offers a wide visibility and accessibility to the middle ear structures, and therefore it (a) reduces the surgical failures and (b) reduces revision operations
  5. It is a suitable method for very small children, where the mastoid may not have been yet sufficiently developed, as no mastoidectomy and posterior tympanotomy is needed and further- more, it leaves the anatomy, the physiology and the growth of the temporal bone unaffected.