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The Audiology Department provides comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and management for adults and children with hearing loss and/or tinnitus.
We have a large multi-disciplinary team comprising Cochlear Implant Audiologists, Rehabilitation Audiologist, Auditory habilitationists and administrative support, with close liaison with ear, nose and throat (ENT) consultants and other professionals.

Audiological Tests available

  1. Hearing tests
  2. Pure tone Audiometry
  3. Sound field Audiometry
  4. Sound localisation tests (If required)
  5. Hearing aid fitting
  6. Aided Audiometry
  7. Tympanometry
  8. Otoacoustic emissions
  9. ABR/ BERA test
  10. Speech Perception tests
  11. Tinnitus Evaluation

Our focus is on rehabilitation in all its forms, encompassing provision of state-of-the-art technology including:

  • Cochlear implants
  • Digital hearing aids
  • Bone-anchored hearing aids
  • Tinnitus management
cochlear-implants cochlear-implants

For routine hearing aid advice/maintenance, please contact reception for an appointment on 080-26546499