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Manasa Cochlear Implant & ENT Centre serves individuals with hearing loss and reduces the impact of hearing impairment on individuals and families.

When identified and intervened early with appropriate measures, the child can develop age appropriate speech and language skills. Development of speech and language is crucial and possible only till a certain age. Therefore, early identification and intervention is critical.

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear Implant is an electronic device which is surgically implanted to replace the function of damaged inner ear in individuals with severe to profound degree of hearing loss.

Skilled Team

We have a specialized team for evaluating, treating and rehabilitating individuals with hearing loss. They include ENT Specialist/ Cochlear Implant Surgeons, Audiologists, Speech-language pathologists, Auditory habilitationist, Hearing Aid specialist and Clinical Psychologist.

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We are located in the prime area of South Bangalore at Jayanagar which can be accessed easily.